About the Story:

Forced to move to a new town, 15-year-old Kiki Manders has been given a much-needed chance to start her life over. However, that's not so easy when your family thinks you're crazy. Kiki's certainly does, and maybe they're right. After all, her best friend is a fairy that nobody else can see. And that's the LEAST of her worries. Family trauma, high school drama, and the paranormal; Kiki's life may not be easy, but at least it's never dull. Although this comic has been discontinued, its successor, SECOND SIGHT, was launched September 2017 and is currently ongoing. **READ SECOND SIGHT AT WWW.SECONDSIGHTWEBCOMIC.COM**

Fairy*Tales debuted as a webcomic in September 2009, but first began as a 5th grader's hobby way back in 2000. Needless to say, it's changed A LOT since then. Although this comic has been discontinued, its successor, SECOND SIGHT, was launched September 2017 and is ongoing.

You can read SECOND SIGHT on WEBTOONS, TAPAS, or on its WEBSITE.

About the Creator:

Hi there! I'm Michelle Grenz, writer and artist for Fairy*Tales. As a recent college graduate, most of my time goes into self-directed studies as I try to break into the comic industry. In my free time (if there is such a thing) I enjoy books, movies and video games; basically anything that tells a good story. I also love tea and going on adventures.

Regarding the Fairy*Tales remake as Second Sight

Why are you redoing Fairy*Tales?
It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a looong time. Even while I was still updating it, I didn’t enjoy working on Fairy*Tales because I wasn’t doing it justice. Too many things had changed since I had started, both in story and art style, and I just couldn’t keep working on a project that wasn’t going anywhere. I hadn’t planned on starting over, but even after a three-year “hiatus”, I couldn’t get these characters out of my head.

How will Second Sight be different from Fairy*Tales?
Well, a new title for starters! I can’t reveal everything that’s different for spoiler reasons, but the biggest difference you’ll notice in the beginning is the characters’ appearances. You’ll have a hard time recognizing some characters, while some others have had only minor tweaks. The events and pacing of the first chapters will be different than you remember, and I’ve also made changes to the Unseen and their relationship to the human world.

Why Webtoon instead of Smackjeeves or your own site?
Three reasons. First, because a lot of my favorite webcomics are there (Power Ballad, Siren’s Lament, and Spaceboy to name a few!) and the scrolling layout they use for the comics on their site is fascinating from a design perspective. Second, the Webtoon app makes it really easy to find and follow new comics and has a generally positive community. It’s a well-structured site/app, meaning I won’t have to worry about website design or device compatibility.

And, last but not least, it’s a smart move from a creator’s point of view. The Webtoon platform is completely free to use and they support their creators. All comics remain creator-owned, even the featured comics which they pay their creators for. All around, there’s more opportunity with less hassle than if I hosted the comic myself or through any other community/service.

Will you be posting new art/updates prior to Second Sight’s launch?
Of course! If you follow me on twitter (@michellegrenz) or the comics’ facebook page (link), you’ll see plenty of art, reminders and other tidbits. I’ll only be updating the Fairy*Tales website with one or two news posts between now and when Second Sight launches however, so those are your best bet for keeping up to date.

I have another question.
Send me a message on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or smackjeeves! I’d love to hear from you. <3